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4 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in 2020


This is an age where we can make money online much more comfortable than before. All we have is a mobile phone. We will be able to make money for almost 24 hours. This article will give an administrator 4 easy ways to make money online in 2020.


Let’s start 4 easy ways to make money online in 2020

1# Make money  by selling online

This is the age of selling money online. We will see that there are many online merchants. Most online merchants have regular work to do during the day. And they are selling online as a supplementary job after work at night. Let’s see what to do.

We can start selling online easily. From applying to be a distributor, We can apply to be distributors of stores. Which today has many shops open for distributors Both in stock and do not have to drop the stock (Dropship), which is different in these two methods. Stock and nonstock products, how is the difference? Which is better? Including many products for us to choose, from creams, soaps, cosmetics, clothing, furniture, amulets, cars, insurance, which we can There are advantages to applying to become a reseller: we don’t have to start by ourselves.


Do it yourself all over again. From the process of finding products, purchasing, making stock, and creating brands that have a high cost. It takes a lot of money and time. We can bring outcomes that have stores, most of which are already well managed. Can try to sell first And see if the product can go Selling difficult, how easy to sell? And then come to decide whether to continue or stop, Which this method is much more comfortable.

Or if we want to sell the product ourselves, we can do it too. Most of the products that people are importing to sell would probably not escape the products from China. The website that we recommend to search for products is TAOBAO / TMALL / 1688, all of which mention in Chinese. We can use Google Translate in Google Chrome to translate. Or if we want to see websites in English, Going to buy products at Alibaba is easy to understand.

2 # Make money online by selling photography

Taking pictures with a mobile phone is another option for earning money online in 2020. If we have enough skills in mobile photography or if not, then we can practice a bit. Because even taking a photo with a mobile phone But the image that can sell has to be pretty, distinct, and sharp to be able to sell.

Selling photography is an exciting option. Because we already use mobile phones in our daily lives Regardless of whether we are traveling, eating, walking if we are to take this side seriously, Set clear goals Every time we pick up the phone to take pictures, whatever. We have to do our best. Because we have to realize that it sold And we can sell our images on the website Mobile image selling apps such as FOAP (an application on iOS and Andriod. We receive $ 5 each sale of paintings. And can be sold indefinitely) Clashot (apps on iOS and Andriod that are increasingly popular).

Photographing a mobile phone is considered a passive income of the correct form. Because we can sell images and get real money And pictures that we can sell, we can sell it again, endlessly.

4 easy ways to make money online in 2020


3# Make money online by blogging

The image of being a blogger is from product reviews on social media, videos on YouTube to create followers and find advertising fees from many followers. Nowadays, it may not be as easy as before. The reason is Nowadays; many people are coming out to create many identities online. Until we cannot differentiate each other, Including large social networks such as Facebook IG, either reduce the reach or reach of the page. Right now, it’s not the golden age for those who want to make money from being a blogger like that anymore.

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But that does not mean that the blogger industry will die. We can become bloggers by educating what we know through writing. By creating a personal blog or website, Which is not difficult at all, We can build our website using WordPress. There are many themes for us to use. Both free and waste of money (The administrator recommends that we use a waste of money. Because it will make our website look more beautiful to read.) After that, we bring Google Adsense or Affiliate attached. Affiliate is available for us to choose from a lot as well. Amazon / Lazada Affiliate of Thailand also has Looks Affiliate or source.


Including eCommerce When someone enters our website and is interested in the advertisements that we attach, we will receive revenue from clicks. We also need to know how to create content, deliver value to readers, and understand SEO, which is the most effective way to generate traffic for a website. And that is indispensable Must be consistent when writing articles.

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4# Make money online by writing sales articles

If we are not ready to create a website of our own, But we have the knowledge and skills in writing. We hired to write articles. Nowadays, there are many websites where we can sell our papers, or we can apply to be freelance writers on various sites. However, the purpose of the book from the customers must inquire about what they want to write. Write SEO articles, write advertising caps.


Write articles to educate the organization. Each of which uses different writing skills. Income will range from 200 up to thousands in 1 section, depending on the length of the article and our ability well. The more we know, the more we understand what we write and the skills we print to make it enjoyable to read and worth following. Our value will be more expensive.

I hope you liked today’s 4 easy ways to make money online in 2020 article.

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