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Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook in 2020


Let’s plan Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook in 2020. An article is introducing popular ways of using Facebook for unemployed people. To plan to Make Money on Facebook in 2020 From playing or using Facebook daily. Instead of wasting time Looking for ways to make money better. In the future, unemployed may use Facebook as a means of making a living.

More and more people in this world, especially those who use Facebook, as well as millions when there are many people if trading. And good-selling products. The chances of getting rich are very fast, even if there are many competitors. But competitors are also ready to be our customers too. If we have products that are needed. When continuing to use Facebook, there are many friends and fans. Future if making a living Should not be difficult


Study various ways to Make Money on Facebook in 2020

First of all, study the various ways to make money on Facebook that many people like to do first. To plan to make money in our future, which has many forms of income generation, such as

1. Trading via Facebook Page by creating a page to display products Sell ​​products directly.

2. Share articles on websites or blogs on Facebook for people to use on Facebook to share. And increase the opportunity to read articles on the website again. Some people click on the website. Google Adsense ads can draw people from Facebook to help click on the ads. Making a hundred thousand baht per month, The author hasn’t followed for a long time. Don’t know how Or may sell our products on our website Or being a broker to sell products to other people.

Planning for creating a fan club or page visitors

Which this simple principle recommends that readers create their Facebook page To provide knowledge similar to creating a web site. But using Facebook instead of creating a website. Now we see with new method to Make Money on Facebook in 2020.

1. Example …Face book user who created their page By focusing on bringing good information About it

2. For articles posted on the Facebook page, choose a useful story. Bring to post to educate fans on the following page.

3. At the end of the post, there will be a link to the original website or maybe a link to the site selling your product. Or website, click ads, Etc.

4. When making useful posts, There are many fans following. Will have the opportunity to make money instantly; for example, this page has hundreds of thousands of likes.

5. If selling products via the web Or link at the end of the article, Go to the website that sells the product again. It will be a way to make money immediately.

6. Or may post products directly through the page as in the picture.

7. Or may sell products via the page directly, create a page to sell products, especially this user. Selling baby clothes

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Creating a page and creating content on the Facebook Page to make money from Facebook

For those who are interested in planning to make money from Facebook in 2020, instead of going to Facebook on a single day. It is also a very easy way to Make Money on Facebook in 2020. They may easily prepare as follows:

 4 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

1. Usually, when signing up for Facebook, there will be a personal page to connect with friends. This page is for personal use.

2. Create a Facebook page Topical Depending on what you want to present or give knowledge about, name the page accordingly, such as SiameBooks, Usedcarsiteth, Etc.

3. Creating a Facebook page can be studied on this website. The author has already made an article. Which will start by clicking the show command button and then click Create Page.

4. Example of website page siamebook.com This article will share via this page.

5. Another example of a similar Blogger.com page will create a page to publish an article. At the end of the item, there will be a link to the main website again at Blogger.com.

6. Example of linking to the main website To keep track of all article content from the leading website

7. Doing a website will incur domain registration fees and space rental fees. But there are alternatives by using a free blog like Blogger.com. If interested, you can go to study Easy ways to create a free blog With ready-made templates at Blogger.com

How to create an article or create a post

Creating an article or creating a post on a Facebook page has 2 easy ways such as…..

1. Creating a short essay. The content is cheap because Facebook users don’t like to read anything for a long time. Focusing on short, concise is better.

2. At the end of this article, there may be a link to a website or blog again. To advise to read the full text

3. Another way that attracts more attention Is to use the image and type the hit text on the image, maybe a quote, idiom, excellent comment, Etc.

4. For typing text on images like this is not difficult, use PhotoScape program to type text or image editing basic. Is a free program, easy to use.

5. As for the use of the illustrations, create an image that is no more than 1200 wide, as in the picture, or maybe even smaller. But should not give the image width less than 640 Pixels.

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